Kabul/Brugge 2012

Kabul Fragments reflect how I approach the city where I was born and left by the age of five. In 2007 I went back to Afghanistan for the first time. Since then I visited the country every year for some weeks. I collect 'Fragments' that creates a new personal relationship to Kabul and links to my own past in Afghanistan.


Fragment 01 - MELA / PICNIC
video installation

An 'Afghani pavilion' is normally used as a place for leisure time and relaxation. They can be found on riversides and gardens where people attend when they go for a picnic.

The video that is part of the installation is not a documentary. Even though it resorts to authentic images, it reflects my own emotional state in that moment. I felt my presence in the situation, as a participant in the picnic with my family and friends and yet my physical absence in the footage, was corresponding with my state of being an insider and outsider simultaneously.

Afghanis often talk about these picnics because they are part of their cultural life and tradition. By time, a fictitious image developed in my brain about this experience, and the video gives a glimpse of my ‘invisible’ participation in that image.

Mela - Pavilion  

Mela - video still