Kabul/Brugge 2012

Kabul Fragments reflect how I approach the city where I was born and left by the age of five. In 2007 I went back to Afghanistan for the first time. Since then I visited the country every year for some weeks. I collect 'Fragments' that creates a new personal relationship to Kabul and links to my own past in Afghanistan.


Fragment 02 - SANDALI
video installation

The video Sandali is part of the installation.The blessing of a Sandali is that the whole family can sit around like a 'meeting piont' it to keep warm. Their are legs tucked under the blankets that cover the rectangular wooden frame that is placed over the brazier to keep the heat in. My 'Sadali' that is not part of any home, family or place. It is created to exist of a short my moment but it does not belong to me. I visit and leave.

Sandali - installation image  


Sandali - video still