Kabul/Brugge 2012

Kabul Fragments reflect how I approach the city where I was born and left by the age of five. In 2007 I went back to Afghanistan for the first time. Since then I visited the country every year for some weeks. I collect 'Fragments' that creates a new personal relationship to Kabul and links to my own past in Afghanistan.


Fragment 03 - HIT ME
installation of inflatable plastic punching toys

In 2010, walking in an old Kabul bazaar, my eyes caught inflated punching toys. I collected them. They were lying in a crowd of dust. Looking at all of them in their inflated state, they gave the impression of power. They resembled soldiers because they carried handguns and on their hats was written 007. Yet, their visual authority diminished when I noticed that on their noses was written 'hit me'. I bought them and took them with me back to Berlin.

Looking back at the history of the region it seems to me that power mutates and changes. Absolute power becomes void, dissolves and gets deflated when confronted. It is no more clear who is on the offensive and who is on the defensive. Hit me, is a kind of invitation to question where power resides and what empowers it.


Hit Me - installation