Kabul 2012, Performance-based video installation; traditional Afghan men’s clothing with military insignias pattern. 7 costumes, video 8: 34 min

As a counterpart to Family Stories , Peraan- e-Tombaan (Pant and Shirt) is a performance-based video installation where a group of dancers appear to be dressed in traditional Afghan men’s clothing, a combination of loose pants and a wide, knee-length shirt with an embroidered yoke. The costumes are in fact stitched from fabric used for military and police uniforms, and the embroidered pattern is made up of a combination of military insignias.
Confronting past (represented by the folk dance attan, now considered Afghanistan’s national dance) and present (symbolized by the fabric and insignias, which reflect the massive change in Kabul’s urban landscape and social behavior, militarized by security rules and the scars of war), Gaussi again faces her own blurred understanding of a reality that escapes her, but with which she nevertheless attempts to connect.

(Excerpt from: Andrea Viliani, documenta13: The Guidebook, 2012)